Barkbeetle Trap

Barkbeetle Trap
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Barkbeetle trap

The beetle trap is used for trapping Ips typographus attractant, Monochamus spp.,Scolytus spp.,Trypodendron lineatum,Cryphalus tabulaeformis,Dendroctonus valens,Tomicus minor,Tomicus piniperda,Pityogenes chalcographus,Ips sexdentatus,Ips acuminatus,Ips subelongatus, Xyleborus glabratus,Xyleborus spp.,Polygraphus poligraphus,Ips perturbatus,Ips pini,Ips amitinus,Dendroctonus micans,Dendroctonus ponderosae,Dendroctonus brevicomis, etc.


2. Installation
1. Insert Part C into Part B to form a cross plate ( as shown);
Please note that the end with gap downside.
2. Connect Part A to the top of the cross plate.
3. Connect Part E to the bottom of the cross plate
4. Fix part F on the bottom of Part E.
5. Fix part G on the bottom of Part F
6. Hang the lure on the gap of the cross plate.
7. Place Part D into the center of Part E and cross plate.
8. Fix the beetle trap on the non-host trunk through the holes on side of the cross plate. Hanging height is different when controlling different species of insects, please refer to the instructions of lures.

1. The beetle trap shall be placed at the outer edge of the forestry, 10-15m away from healthy trees, when the diameter of the forestry is less than 25m; the beetle trap shall be placed on the trunk of the non-host tree, the height depends on species of insects, when the diameter of the forestry is larger than 25m.
2. The beetle trap shall be hung before adult worm starts flying.Monitoring: 1 set/hectare; Controlling: place one trap every 50 meters.
3. Please clean timely when the insect bodies are too many and change lure regularly to make sure good trapping effect.

4. Picture

5.Trapping effect

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