Long-horn Beetle Trap

Long-horn Beetle Trap
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Long-horn beetle trap

The longhorn beetle trap can be used for trapping Monochamus spp. ,Monochamus alternatus,Semanotus bifasciatus,Tetropium fuscum.etc.


1. Insert Part C into Part B to form a cross plate (as shown);
Please note that the end with gap downside.
2. Connect Part A to the top of the cross plate.
3. Connect Part D to the bottom of the cross plate
4. Fix part E on the bottom of Part D.
5. Fix part F on the bottom of Part E
6. Fix the longhorn beetle trap on the non-host trunk through the holes on side of the cross plate. Hanging height shall be the same as the flying height of longhorn beetles.

Beetle trap is designed and manufactured by taking advantage of longhorn beetle's biological habits. It can effectively trap longhorn beetle when used with pheromone lure of beetle. It shall be placed before adult starts flying, monitoring: 1 set/hectare, controlling: 3-5 sets/hectare. More sets can be added during pest peak seasons.


Trapping effect

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