McPhail Trap for Fruit Fly

McPhail Trap for Fruit Fly
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McPhail Trap for Fruit Fly

The fruit fly trap can be used for trapping Dacus dorsalis,Drosophila spp.,Bactrocera cucurbitae,Ceratitis capitata,Ceratitis capitata,Tuta Absoluta,etc.


1. As for Drosophila spp.,shake and pour the liquid attractant into the groove of part A (no Part C); As for oriental fruit fly, put the round paper card with pheromone lure into Part C, and then place Part C on the entrance of Part A.
2. Place Part B on Part A, and fix it.
3. Make wire go around the rings of Part B and hang on the trees, installation is complete.

1. Place the fruit fly trap by wire on the branch of the shady side of trees. The hanging position is the upper or middle-upper of tree crown.
2.Place the fruit fly trap before the adult worms start flying. If it is used for pest monitoring, one set per hectare; if it is used for pest controlling, 3~5 sets per hectare, more sets can be added during adult worms peak season.
3. Please add enough water, when fruit fly lure liquid is evaporated. Please clean the pest bodies and add new lure liquid if it can't trap any fruit flies (more pest bodies in the collecting bucket, more pests will be allured, so you don't need to clean the collecting bucket.)


Trapping effect

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