UniTrap High

UniTrap High
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UniTrap High

The bucket trap with extra height and lure socket.


1.Insert the two long poles of Part B into the holes of Part A, and then insert the other two poles into the slots of Part A.
2. Pour 1/3 water into Part C, fix Part C to Part B.
3. Open the top lid of part D, and put the lure into part D, close the lid; Insert Part D into the central hole of Part A..
4. Make the wire go across the holes on the two long poles of Part B, and fix on plant. Installation is complete.

Hanging the trap set on the branch in ventilated place of fruit trees. The hanging height is about two-thirds of the height of the trees; if the trap set is hung in farm, it shall be 5-20 cm higher than the crop.
Please hang the trap set before adults start fly. If it is used for pest monitoring, 1 set per mu or hectare. If it is used for pest controlling, 6-8 sets per mu or hectare, more sets can be added during adults peak seasons.
The trap set is reusable, please clean the dust on the trap set regularly and change the lure in a certain time to make sure good trapping effect.


Trapping effect

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