Vertical Trap for Spodoptera Litura/ Spodoptera Exigua

Vertical Trap for Spodoptera Litura/ Spodoptera Exigua
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Vertical trap for spodoptera litura/ spodoptera exigua 

The vertical trap can be used for trapping Spodoptera exigua,Prodenia litura,Helicoverpa armigera,Heliothis assulta,etc.


2. Installation
1. Fix the rubber septum or the PVC tube into part C
2. Insert part C into the central hole of part B, and then fix part B on the top of part A.
3. Fix part D into the bottom of part A.
4. Tie part E to the neck of part D and make sure it will not slide off.

1. Fix the vertical trap in the farm, the hanging height shall be 1~1.5m higher than ground level.
2. Place the vertical trap set before adults start flying, if the trap is used for monitoring, 1 set per mu or per hectare; If it is used for controlling, 2 sets per hectare. Add more sets during adult's peak stage.
3. Clean the collecting bag regularly when the pest bodies is over half of the bag, and change the pheromone lure regularly to make sure good trapping effect.

4. Picture

5. Trapping effect

5. Trapping effect

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