Wing Trap Large

Wing Trap Large
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Wing Trap Large

The wing trap bigger can be used for trapping Yponomeuta padella,Coleophora dahurica,Cossus cossus,Holcocerus insularis,Holcocerus hippophaecolus,Dioryctria splendidella,Lymantria dispar,Sesia siningensis,Parathrene tabaniformis,Dendrolimus tabulaeformis, Dendrolimus spectabilis,Dendrolimus superans,Dendrolimus punctatus,Dendrolimus kikuchii, etc.


2. Installation
1. Put the buttons of the part D into the holes of part A.B
2. Press the part C into boat-shape according to the crease, and put the glue card under part A, the adhesive plate upside.
3. Put pheromone lure on part E and insert part E into the hole of part A. The distance shall be 2 cm from the lure to the part C.
3. Usage
1 .Place the wing trap bigger in the forestry before the adult worms start flying. If it is used for pest monitoring, one set per hectare; if it is used for pest controlling, 3~5 sets per hectare, more sets can be added during adult worms peak season.
2. When the wing trap bigger is placed in the forestry, the hanging position can be adjusted according to the actual height of the trees or according to biological habits of pests. Please clean the pest bodies on the glue card regularly, and change the glue card timely when it is not adhesive any more. Please change the lure in a certain time to make sure good effect of pests controlling.

4. Trapping effect

5. Packing

30 sets per carton, carton size: 37*29.5*32.5cm,  Weight: 16.3kg

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