Wing Trap Standard

Wing Trap Standard
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Wing Trap Standard

The wing trap is used for trapping Paranthrene regalis,Cydia pomonella,Grapholitha funebrana,Lyonetia clerkella,Dichocrocis punctiferalis,Adoxophyes orana,Lithocolletis ringoniella,Carposina niponensis,Grapholitha molesta,Leucoptera scitella,Zeuzera pyrina,Agrotis fucosa,Ephestia elutella,Agrotis segetum,Ostrinia furnacalis,Chilo suppressalis,Chilo infuscatellus,Cnaphalocrocis medinalis,Agrotis ipsilon,Homoeosoma nebulella,Helicoverpa armigera,Heliothis assulta,Plutella xylostella,uproctis pseudoconspersa,Cylas formicarius,Phthorimaea operculella,Tryporyza incertula,Athetis lepigone,Pectinophora gassypiella,Sesamia inferens,Ectropis oblique,Cydia trasias, Dioryctria abietella,Spodoptera littoralis,Cryptophlebia leucotreta,Helicoverpa zea, etc.


1. Put the buttons of the part B into the holes of part A
2. Press the part C into boat-shape according to the crease, and put the bottom buttons of Part B into the holes of Part C.
3. Put pheromone lure on part D and insert part D into the hole of part A. The distance shall be 2 cm from the lure to the part C.

1.The wing trap shall be placed before adult worm starts flying. If the wing trap is used for pest monitoring, one set per hectare. If the wing trap is used for pest  controlling, 3~5 sets per hectare. More sets can be added during adult worm peak seasons.
2.When the wing trap is placed in farm, it shall  be placed 5~10cm higher than crop level; While if it is placed in woodland, it shall be placed 1.5~2.0m higher than ground level according to different pest species.
3.Clean the pests on glue board regularly, if the glue board is not adhesive any more, please change it timely and also change the lure in certain to make sure good effect of pest trapping.


Trapping effect

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